Graduation day is almost here!

Graduation day is almost here!

May 23, 2023

My oldest child Victoria is about to graduate from high school, begin her first “adult” job, and then start college in the fall. 

My pride and excitement for her is shaded only by the whirlwind of emotions I feel as the first 18 years of her life speeds through my mind like a movie montage.

I’m sure many of you can relate! 

When we look back over the years as investors, a few milestones stand out: the day our 401(k) balance hit 6-figures, the day we learned we were on track to retire early, the day our confidence was shaken as markets declined due to some bad news or uncertainty.

Investing can be as seasonal as any other part of our lives.  

Just as momentous family milestones transform into memory “blips” as time passes, so do market environments that seem to drag on forever. 

Comfortable complacency can shift into frustration as time goes by with little upward momentum. 

Let’s zoom out and take a look at two periods of time: volatile markets that have been moving sideways for more than a year, and a multi-decade span that would have successfully served someone accumulating wealth during the working years or preserving it during retirement.


Nothing can be more challenging than focusing on the long-term, but according to the DALBAR financial research firm’s study, trying to time the markets, which often involves “diving into the market at the top and fleeing at the bottom” causes the common mismatch between market returns and an individual investor’s returns.

One of the greatest values that an advisor can provide is reframing, perspective, and context, as well as a compassionate and understanding ear. 

The unguided investor may make a timing error that will result in the consequential setback of lower returns over time. 

I look forward to our mid-year reviews, which we will begin to schedule in the upcoming weeks.

Have a wonderful week!

Rachel Kuss


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